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Política de Privacidad

DescuentoPuro.es is a website that collects the best and most beneficial discounts of the most known and popular online shops in Spain. That is why DescuentoPuro.es is a useful platform for people who want to do shopping for saving their money and time. This service is provided by DescuentoPuro.es which is operated by MaxLogic OÜ.

The present Privacy Policy has been updated in accordance with the latest General Regulation of Data Protection of the European Union. Please, review this Policy to find out what personal data can be collected and the way it is used while browsing this website.

What kinds of your personal data can we collect?
There is one type of information that is automatically recognized: your IP address that identifies your computer. DescuentoPuro.es collects your IP address in order to improve your experience on the website. It helps to identify site features and interesting offers that are perfect for you.

What purpose do we need to process your data with?
DescuentoPuro.es uses a special technology - "cookies" - that saves and processes your personal data and helps to facilitate running of the website. Cookies are stored in your computer in order to help us recognize you every time you return to our website. We use them to log you in properly, memorize your preferences and personalize your staying with us. DescuentoPuro.es only remembers your interactions within the website, not for any other purposes.

How much time is your data processed?
The duration of the processing of your personal data that DescuentoPuro.es depends on technical reasons only. DescuentoPuro.es processes the visitors’ data for the shortest time possible unless the law obliges to process it for a longer period or in case of potential claims (for a period of time prescribed by law). E.g., IP addresses are stored over a period of one month. To make the processing stop you should object to it and delete all the files concerned with cookies on your computer and in the browser you use. Please, take into account that deleting files is not always the same as deleting personal data obtained through these files.

Who may we provide with your personal data?
DescuentoPuro.es is always aimed at the full security of personal information under the applicable data protection laws. But take into account that the information that you provide of your own volition through the Internet, can be used by others.DescuentoPuro.es takes no responsibility for third parties in case of unauthorized access or/and disclosure of information due to errors in data transmission. The present Privacy Policy does not refer to the use of cookies by third parties. DescuentoPuro.es can pass your personal data to the business associates who collect and process it outside the European Economic Area. It can only take place in the case of extreme necessity.

What is the result of resigning of cookies?
In case you choose not to accept cookies, you may not be able to use some functions on this website. DescuentoPuro.es recommends you to accept using of cookies because this technology improves your staying on the website as mentioned above. If you reject using of cookies on this website, some pages may not display correctly or you will not be able to use website services to the full.

Your rights in data protection
In accordance with the law, you always have the right to access your personal data, the right to lodge a complaint and the right to withdraw consent whenever you want. In case you want to become aware of what data we process and have a copy of it, please contact us.

Links to other websites
DescuentoPuro.es contains links to different sites of third parties. In case you click through these links, your data can be collected by these third parties. DescuentoPuro.es bears no responsibility for the processing of your personal data in this case.

If you have any questions, complaints or suggestions, we encourage you to contact us here.